About Us


Arkº was founded in Ireland by Cameron Stewart with a purpose other than profit. In creating an elite brand of locally sourced and manufactured merchandise, Stewart’s mission was twofold.

Firstly, to use the profits generated from the sale of apparel and functional items to enrich the community that surrounded him, and secondly to create a visual reminder which encourages his patrons to perform an Arkº whenever donning our brand.

The idea has caught on and found a home in countries all across the world, from Brazil to Australia and has rooted itself in South Africa. While ArkºSA operates completely independent of any other country, including Ireland, our message remains the same: Perform an Act of Random Kindness every time our brand is worn or one of our projects are activated.


In our quest to move across South Africa, Acts of Random Kindness South Africa NPC (ArkºSA), a not-for-profit company, seeks to encourage benevolence through Acts of Random Kindness (an Arkº) – one person at a time.
We are a movement with a mission, to discourage society’s disconnect we now find so prevalent. Through various campaigns we seek to instil a kindness culture that sees the importance of “I” because of the strength of “We” – a true celebration of the South African Ubuntu Spirit.


ArkºSA has evolved from its Irish origins to create a brand unique to South Africa, not only in mission, but in community development. Our ethos of spreading kindness will always steer our course; however, our projects, merchandise options, and even our story bear little resemblance to the idea that gave it life.

Partnering with key stakeholders has been critical to building an organisation that has an impact on the individual, as well as the community as a whole. Incorporating self-reflection and community development, ArkºSA has found a niche that reaches its goals and target audience simultaneously, while staying true to its core values and teachings.

Since 2012 we have established a presence in three provinces with a view to expand across all nine. Our projects and campaigns vary from individual inspiration to community development programs which reach hundreds of people at a time.