How you ask?


The Magical Journey Starts With You: Ambassadors
Ask yourself a question: Can YOU become JACK in your community and actively participate in the quest?
We know you all want to get involved.. We know, without you even knowing it you
You’re already doing little things in your life to enhance the lives of those around you.. Because we know deep down you have a yearning to change the world, we all did – In grade 3! But we get it, the Ogre got you too, dont be ashamed, these things happen
But NEVER fear your Fairy God Mothers are here! If youre brave enough to take on the challenge theres bright new land filled with hope for the future. Walk with us and we’ll lead you to a kind of fulfilment like no other, one that no giant or ogre could ever steal from you!
How you ask?
Get more involved in the Ark° SA© movement and become an Ark° Ambassador.
We are constantly looking to add to our team, so long as the right people keep coming along. Whether you are a student from a university or school, a banker from Sandton, a marketing major from Cape Town, or just anybody who wants to make a change …
We’d love to hear why you think you’d be the perfect Arkº Ambassador.
We’d just like to get to know you a little better first… So throw together a wee video where you tell us about yourself, and why you want to be an Ark Ambassador. Don’t think of this as an interview, see it as excuse to make a fun video – just be yourself! Try and keep the videos between four and five minutes if you can though, we’ve got important games of rugby to catch up on … Have a quick squizz at this video made by our fearless pioneer!

Didn’t quite get it?
That’s what were here for remember! It’s pretty simple.. All we’re looking for is an original game played using ordinary objects found in your room. Tell us what gets you out of bed in the morning. What excites you about life? Tell us about the community you live in, one thing you love about it and one thing you think could be better. If we were to give you R50,000 (we’re sorry, we wont really, but if we did) …



These two market segments make for a great Ogre’s wife