ARK Multi-Purpose Community and Sports Centre


Our vision is to develop a multi-purpose centre that will address the social inadequacies that result in unemployment, poverty and – in the very worst cases – crime, in the Overberg region. The centre will concentrate on education, skills development and transfer, farming and extra-mural indoor and outdoor activities. Hosting adults and children, this extraordinary centre will be the first of its kind in the region; one that will provide hope to those who have misplaced their optimism. It will provide sustenance to those who’ve been forgotten. And it will stand as a beacon of inspiration for those who need the spirit of Ubuntu.

If one man alone can change his community, one strategic step at a time; imagine the possibilities when that man has the help of thousands of minds with the same vision – together we can do more, give more and change more! Jack is sending a resounding shout out to his corporate buddies and asking them to lead the way by supporting him in his quest. Without you, our success is unlikely, our impact is marginal and our vision will never be reached. Be part of the vision, share in the dream and see the fruits of your kindness.

Project Details

  • Project Name : ARK Multi-Purpose Community and Sports Centre