Greyton Conservation Eco-Quiz Campaign


Greyton Conservation has, for a long time, been walking the road less travelled, working tirelessly to do everything in their power to make a difference in our kingdom, to be the difference we need to see in the world.

They’ve decided to take up the challenge of imparting that information to all those who are willing to listen so that each of us, young and old, will be able to change our environment for the better, one mystical step at a time – after all, four hands will always be better than two.

ARKSA partnered with Greyton Conservation and The Red Cross Society in the summer of 2012 to send a huge shout out to our business minded friends that we’re on a quest to learn about our community and all the magical things we can do to sustain it…

Each year as our understanding about our environment changes we have endeavoured to illustrate how small our Acts of Random Kindness have to be in order to make an enormous impact on our kingdom and all our future Jack’s to come!! Our mission is to teach young people the importance of educated conservation. To create awareness amongst their fellow students of how simple it is to make a huge difference when we all take up the quest to protect our environment.

GCC and ArkSA has and will continue to, through the mentorship of Tertius Meintjies, guide each student on a quest to effectively document their journey visually, by way of monthly projects as well as video and photographic material, amongst other things. Each month we will engage our mini-Jack’s to explain how the Eco-Quiz has directly impacted their surrounding kingdoms. At the conclusion of this quest, we will compose a visual storyboard to be used for our final FUNraiser which could be a book-sale or a video and photographic exhibition.

Our intention is for each Jack (student or teacher) to practically understand the purpose behind conservation and, through their work and their actions, impart that legacy to all those they meet along life’s journey!

Project Details

  • Project Name : Greyton Conservation Campaign