Night Shift Soup Run


July 18 2012 was part of an unusually cold winter that ended with snowfall in Johannesburg in August. For ARKSA it was our very first Mandela Day and with the drop in temperature we thought a cup of homemade veggie soup would be quite appreciated by the petrol attendants working the dreaded 6pm to 6am shift – our simple thank you for being there for us when we need a refill or some odd ends from the store.

Little did we know how well received our meagre gesture would become and it got us thinking… There are so many people who stay awake to serve us while we’re mostly sleeping. And because we can’t reach everyone, we decided to hit the police first with our thank you soup cups.

The Night Shift soup run continued through summer with hot dogs replacing the soup, and the police started anticipating us in appreciation for showing them some kindness. We are currently looking to expand our project to a precinct in Pretoria and hopefully inspire others to get ARK’ing!

Project Details

  • Project Name : Night Shift Soup Run