Hen who lays golden eggs

Golden Eggs make a difference to our Kingdom


Most corporates utilise clothing and gifts to advertise their brands. Our offering will not be your normal corporate gifts, we are sourcing exciting novelties that will be designed to will incorporate the ARK° SA© logo along with the company’s logo. These items will be made available to individuals and corporates.


We are producing various corporate stationery. The stationery will contain sentences of encouragement to do an Act of Random Kindness. Diaries, wall hanging calendars and desk calendars, special occasion and limited edition card series, which can be linked to a specific corporate product or town/village message.


We will be launching an array of ARKing items for everyday wear, everything from the t-shirts listed below, to Hoodies, Slouchie Beanies, Wristbands, Sling Bags and Underwear. Sign up to receive our latest news and stay updated through our notification service.

We want to keep it simple so it starts with a load of people wearing Ark° and Arking.

It’s just simple. The way life should be. No strings attached. The clothing is casual and funky.

The designs are full of meaning that relate to the unique philosophy and mind set.

These include: Life is Complicated, Ark is Simpleº –

I’m sure we can all agree with that, at least the first bit...

They also have ‘The shoulder story’ tee which has written on the back shoulder, the original lines Founder Cameron Stewart wrote on a napkin at age seventeen to describe the venture he was about to pursue: “So I have this idea, I’d love you to join me. I’ve started this clothing line with a purpose other than profit. The name, the movement, Acts of Random Kindness°.

The idea: perform one Arkº every time the clothing is worn. That’s it. Buy a stranger a coffee, give up your seat on the bus. Just make someone’s day. It’s up to you how you Arkº on it”

Along with the tees, the team will launch (with tongue firmly in cheek...) Arkº Underwear, for undercover kindness. The underwear, will come in a range of funky colours and are designed “for those who want a more sexy and covert way to stir them into action”


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